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Grade 8 @ HMS


Objective: Reflection post or Learning Log summaries will help you explain in writing your understandings, points of confusion or experiences as you work through your semester in this class.

  • Every week you must add at least one new entry. You can use the following prompts
    • What work have you done? You could post some.
    • What have you done this week?
    • What did you find easy or hard?
    • What have you learnt?
    • How could you improve?
    • What will you do next week.
  • Feel free to share your blog with your friends
    • Ask your peers to leave comments on your posts
    • They could help you evaluate your work to help you improve

What have I learned?

  • I’ve been learning how to….
  • The most important part is…
  • The part I can do the best is…
  • Sometimes I forget……
  • I’d like to be able to….< ! [if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 What did we do in class today?
  • What did we learn during these activities?
  • Was this new information or something I’ve seen before?
  • Was the material difficult or easy to understand?
  • Is there something that I still don’t understand and could ask my classmates to explain?

Your reflections will be done on a blog post filed under the “Reflections” category. The most resent post will be at the top of the page. Post will be entered during the last five minutes of class. You will also be reading other student post and commenting on their learning experiences. Feel free to post reflection on your other classes.

Example ====================

Feb. 27 – Reflection 2

I had to work on my brochure AGAIN! I knew how to do most of the steps because I have been working in this program….forever. I think I will be done next class. I learned how to make a citation in, I even help John make his citation. I found this way easier than I think I will use this Web site again when I have to write my science report.


Feb. 25 – Reflection 1

Today I worked on my brochure in Publisher. I didn’t know how to insert a picture off the Web site. Mrs. Reuther said that you can not copy and paste Flash files so she told me how to get the picture onto my file….I did the following…”Alt + Prt Sc”, open, Ctrl + N, Enter, Ctrl + V and then use the selection to select the part of the picture I want and then copy and paste into my brochure file.


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